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About us


About AuxilaTrade

Auxilatrade is an organisation of proficient professionals from different fields who commonly believe in the future of Bitcoin. We all together have built various Bitcoin mining farms. Now with Auxilatrade we strive to bring Bitcoin mining to the reach of common people. By joining us anyone can explore the limitless scope of the Bitcoin currency and earn more and more. Everyone is fit to join Auxilatrade, contribute in Bitcoin mining and earn exponentially. We at Auxilatrade are committed towards transforming the potentials of Bitcoin mining.

Intelligent Mining

We use the best mining strategy to maximize your income. Our aim is for all miners to have access to an efficiently high-speed mining rate and advertently profit off good ROI.

Built for Trust

Integrity and honesty in everything we do. We always maintain transparency and confidentiality with our customers.


Bitcoin mining is one of the most sustainable industries globally with an unlimited potential and minimal risk.

What we do

As one of the successful brands operating within Canada's wonder land Group, we are specialists in leveraged trading, giving you the potential to generate financial returns on both rising and falling prices across FX, indices, commodities and shares. Whether you’re an experienced trader or completely new to it, we’re here to help you find freedom in the financial markets.

The group’s global network of offices and regulations spans Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, and we have already attracted over 3 million clients across 5 countries.

A leadership team with a wealth of experience

The leadership team behind Canada's Wonder land Group has a wealth of experience in banking, trading and financial technology and are committed to helping our clients succeed in the financial markets.


Canada's Wonder land Group employs over 800 staff in over 10 offices around the world.

Since Auxilatrade launch in 2015 we have grown rapidly thanks to a culture that encourages innovation and global collaboration.

To support our ambitious growth plans we’re always looking for talented people to join our teams, so whether you’re an expert in your field or just starting out in your career, discover new opportunities with Auxilatrade today.

When I came across the website I thought it was fake, because their interest rate return was unbelievable . I tried it out. within 2 weeks I was given back my money and my interest . I was so amazed. trusted and registered
kate Eden
Market analyst
A friend referred me. I was amazed when my friend bought a new Mercedes cl450 2017 model , she said she got her income from this investments. mine is coming through. I have gotten my 8th investment profit. You need to try it out.
Sophie Wayne
Forex analyst
I'm really thrilled about this company. took the risk though, I got back a good return in profit. I most commend on their customer service , always already to help out.
Their online support is unbeliveable. Guided me through on my first journey to cryptocurrency
Jamie Johnson
Great platform to make extra cash. The risks was worth it.
David hart
CFO At Neural
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